Human Capital Software Solution is a company specializing in new technologies, its structure covering various brands:

  • - Creation and development of ad hoc solutions within the Intranet (Client Server Based)
  • - Creation and development of Web-based solutions
  • - Creation and development of Web-portals, both in the company presentation and E-Commerce
  • - Support and system management of all types of Hardware structure
  • - Sale and assistance of harware and software
Our business also includes operations management consulting that lead to the design of application and construction of hardware and software systems, off-line and on-line, to provide costumers a complete product, able to offer a real and concrete support in the management and organization of their data.
  1. Mission
  2. Ad Hoc solutions
  3. Web solutions
  4. IT support
  5. Hardware and Software
Our goal is to help and strengthen organizations and customers in the development and management of its Human Capital.

  • • RESULT
These are the keywords that define our mission. All this results in our commitment to providing a product tailored to the Customer, able to select and value what is the real capital of the company, people and their skills.
Since its founding HCSS has distinguished itself in the market for its ability to develop customized software solutions. Based on a careful analysis and understanding of customer needs, our team, from the consolidated know-how, select the best technical solutions to create the best ad hoc application.

Each project is different and it is tailored (Ad-Hoc) to meet the specific needs expressed by the customer. Our expertise combined with the ability to identify ourselves in different company and professional contexts allowed us to have among our customers large and small companies.

Each phase of the development cycle of software are run in line with the customer requirements, feasibility studies, project, implementation of systems, the same maintenance.

The continuous technological research and attention to market trends, has led us to expand our skills. The inclusion of new highly qualified professionals enables us in fact to follow the customer in the development of applications for the Web and mobile using the most innovative technologies. The support we provide is not completed at the time of publication of the app: training, marketing support and technical assistance at your service.
HCSS provides quality service, from the graphic design of Web pages, through the use of best available technologies. We create professional websites tailored to the need of the customer directly following all stages of development involving different professional figures and pass through:
    • Information phase: we acquire information of the company and identify with the responsible the objectives linked to the development of the Web project;
    • Defining content: we study information architecture and produce texts (web copywriting) in line with the objectives to be achieved and on the communication line of the company;
    • Web design and usability: we offer various graphics solutions in line with the company's coordinated image and communication;
    • Web development: we realize the website at technical level on the basis of the points set out above on the directives of a coordinator;
    • Beta testing: verify correct operation of the website, the consistency of content and we are confronted with the customer for the final publication;
    • Publication: we proceed to the launch of the website and the activation of all web hosting services;
    • Web promotion: develop a web marketing strategy to begin to get the first results from the project.
HCSS's multilevel assistance support enable companies to use qualified technicians, with skills and specific experience to the level of hardware support and software required.

In this way we can tailor our offering to suit the real needs of our customers: from connecting servers and workstations to the installation and configuration of software, printers and other peripherals, and the monitoring of the correct functioning of systems and procedures to the design of wireless LANs, server installation and creation of domains, DNS and WINS services, configuration of routers and switches, management and control of remote locations and virtualization of desktops and servers.

Also for IT support we offer to our customers different commercial formulas, designed to meet their needs really.
HCSS in collaboration with the most popular national distributors, selects and offers its customers the hardware more suitable for their needs with the best value for money. Our offer includes the best brands in the market (HP, Cisco, WatchGuard, EMC, NetApp, Microsoft, Veeam, VMware, etc.) both hardware and software: servers, PCs, notebooks, printers, networking, storage, tablet and pda, operating systems, databases, antivirus, etc.
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