What we do

Ad Hoc solutions for your company

HCSS creates customized solutions to meet your needs. Using all technologies in the ICT world, we develop platforms tailored to satisfy your every needs.

Our potential is the creation of specific and targeted products.
We develop software by analyzing your problem and then come to a customized solution.
This is what sets us apart from the competition: we have a solution for all your problems, whatever they are.



We are specialists on this platform. If you do not already know, FileMaker allows you to create customized solutions for the management of contacts, resources, content, bills and everything that revolves around your company.
With attractive graphics and compatibility with most popular devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Web), FileMaker allows you to manage all your data securely and in real time.
Easily shared your data securely within your company, creates reports and charts to track your processes and manage your company in a more simple and transparent, all thanks to our extensive experience in FileMaker programming.

Some examples of applications developed in FileMaker:prime